1- Information Gathering: We start our process with getting to know you and learning about your business and industry. We will then identify what your goals are and take the next step in bringing a strategy to the table.

2- Planning: This is where we edit existing content and create content from your company data. We set up your database, user profiles and more.

3- Prototype: After we have connected a plan together, we then create a prototype for you to review. We engage together in a process of edits and review until the final solution is agreed upon.

4- Design:- We then put together your website using the prototype as a backbone of what will come next, the final website design. Your site will be coded by hand, or created from a WordPress template that might have been a starting point.

5- Test and Launch: We will test your site very thoroughly and extensively for errors and code issues. After your site has passed the tests, we will launch it live to the public across all browsers. You can choose to have it hosted on our servers or of your choosing.

6- Maintain and Update: Now your website is live to the world but what if you need future changes, we can then maintain it for you. We offer flexible options for keeping your site fresh for your clients on a regular basis.